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07 May 2013

Commitment ka Badsha (King of Commitments) Award


Lucid Colloids Ltd. has received the “Outstanding Supplier/ Star Vendor“ award from Godrej Consumer Care year after year. This year however, we received the “Commitment Ka Baadshah“ award. Again, this category was specifically created for Lucid !! 

Being selected as an award winner year on year is a significant achievement and highlights the strength, quality and reputation of our organization. Team Lucid has stood out both because of our personal integrity and because of our unerring focus on putting the customer first. Our achievement was driven by consistent products and an uncompromising attention to providing excellent service every time.

At Lucid, we constantly ask: ‘what more could we be?’ In other words, from the effective choices we’ve made in the past, how can we be a leader in our industry and contribute to India’s economic progress while maximizing shareholder returns.

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